Swimming Pool Cleaning Service in Goodyear AZ

We service commercial and residential pools like this in Goodyear AZ

At Pool Care Arizona, we strive to be your all-in-one swimming pool cleaning service in Goodyear, Litchfield Park and Buckeye. This includes providing you with a bevy of services that are common to pool owners throughout the West Valley. Our maintenance, heater and neglected pools services all begin with an free on-site estimate.

This consultation allows us to determine the level of care needed to do the job right, and also to determine the best price we can offer you to get the job done. Please read on to learn more. And if you are in need of a swimming pool cleaning service in Goodyear or the surrounding communities, please contact us to schedule your free estimate today.

Weekly Pool Maintenance

we use a water testing kit like this during our weekly pool maintenance service

Our weekly pool maintenance service is simple and effective. Once a week on a scheduled day, our courteous, skilled technicians perform routine, on-site pool cleaning and maintenance. We also analyze and inspect your pool equipment for any potential concerns requiring additional maintenance or repair. Our weekly pool maintenance service includes:

  • Thoroughly skimming the pool’s surface

  • Brushing dirt and debris off walls and steps

  • Emptying all of all baskets

  • A complete chemical analysis

  • Salt cell cleaning and filter backwashing

Please contact us to schedule a no obligation consultation for our weekly pool maintenance service today.

Annual Pool Heater Service

a pool heater assembly like this needs to be cleaned annually

When fall time hits and begins to welcome in winter, our wonderfully sublime seasonal climate makes the Valley of the Sun one of the most amazing places in the world to be. It is also the time of year many people get ready to turn their pool heaters on. But did you know that doing so without having your annual pool heater service can be potentially dangerous? Our annual pool heater service includes:

  • Inspecting the heat exchanger and tray for debris

  • Clearing the vents of all obstructions

  • Thoroughly cleaning the burner assembly

  • Unplugging any blockages in the nozzles

  • Cleaning outlet piping, drain valves, opening the gas supply and more

If we find that your DE or cartridge filter has not been cleaned recently (a common occurrence), we can also do that for you to ensure proper water flow and particulate expulsion.

Neglected Pools Service

Neglected pools can become legal or financial liabilities for homeowners, not to mention health hazards for people and pets alike. This includes promoting the spread of insect borne illnesses like West Nile virus, and creating an unsafe environment due to poor water quality that causes accidents resulting in unrecognized accidental drownings. These are just a few important reasons why neglected pools service is a must for homeowners who have allowed their backyard oasis to turn into a swampy bog. Our neglected pools service includes:

  • Extensive debris removal from the surface

  • Removing grime and accumulated debris from the floor

  • Daily chlorine and chemical shock treatments

  • Balancing water pH and alkaliity

  • Filtration system maintenance with periodic filter replacement

Although cleanup can sometimes occur without draining a pool, some cases of neglected pools require what we call a ‘Green Pool Cleaning’, which you can learn more about here. If you are dealing with a neglected pools situation, please contact us today for help.

Swimming Pool Inspection Report

When it comes to buying a home in the Valley of the Sun, a swimming pool is more often than not involved in the process. In these cases, it is extremely important to know the overall condition of your entire investment. We have extensive experience providing comprehensive swimming pool inspection report services to homebuyers and realtors throughout the West Valley. This includes correctly diagnosing and providing in-depth analysis for all equipment or structural issues. A swimming pool inspection report includes:

  • Detailed analysis of filtration, pumps, cleaning systems, chemical composition, and structural safety including surface and tile health

  • Detailed Electrical, mechanical, plumbing and hydraulic functioning checks

  • Pictures with explanations (when necessary or required)

  • Time and cost estimates for repairs

  • Time and cost estimates for upgrades

If you would like to schedule a swimming pool inspection report, please contact us today for cost and availability information.