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With well over a half century of combined experience, the skilled technicians at Pool Care Arizona are proud to provide you with expert pool repair in Goodyear, Litchfield Park and Verrado. We understand that swimming pool repairs can become nightmares for homeowners when they are not dealt with promptly, or are performed by people lacking the industry expertise necessary to complete high quality, reliable labor in an efficient manner.


Our services providing pool repair in Litchfield Park and surrounding cities focus on many of the most common repair scenarios. Sometimes, in the case of our pool tile cleaning services and swimming pool acid wash services, we may recommend multiple repairs at the same time. In these situations, we always do our best to provide you with the fairest package price available to get the job done right. Just as with many of our maintenance offerings, services dealing with pool repair in Goodyear, Litchfield Park and Verrado include an on-site, no obligation consultation.

Filter cleans are very important. A dirt


Filter cleaning is a very important service to not neglect when servicing and maintaining your swimming pool. We take pride in being very thorough in our pool filter cleaning methods. Here is a list of what we do when called to perform a filter clean: 


  • We disassemble the entire filter and drain out the dirty water

  • We remove and inspect every inch of the tank and parts to check for stress fractures which could cause filtration issues

  • We pressure wash your grids or cartridges with a power hose and inspect them for any potential problems

  • We remove and clean the filter o-ring, and if necessary, replace it with a new one

  • We thoroughly clean (and we mean CLEAN) the tank lip where the o-ring sits on the lower body of the filter

  • We reassemble the entire filter and check for leaks 

  • We release any air that is in the system and visually confirm that the filter is back to working order

  • We add fresh DE (if applicable)

Another nice pool tile cleaning job! The


It is no secret that the Valley of the Sun has some of the hardest water anywhere in the world. The mineral composition of pool water causes severe calcium deposit buildup on pool tiles and basins. Because of this, neglecting pool tile cleaning services can lead to weakened tiles and structural damage both above and below the water line. We use only state-of-the-art fine glass bead blasting technology when performing our pool tile cleaning service. As a result, our pool tile cleaning service results in the safe, effective:

  • Removal of calcium buildup

  • Removal of embedded algae

  • Removal of metal and scale deposits

  • Brightening of tile grout​​


Bead blasting utilizes rounded lead-free, soda lime type glass beads free of silica and other dangerous chemicals, which makes it safer than traditional cleaning methods. These beads produce a smooth, bright and satiny finish without any damage to Pebble Tec or stone surfaces. Because our pool tile cleaning service requires draining your pool, many customers choose to combine this with a swimming pool acid wash.

Need new equipment_ Check out this brand


Your pool is made up of many mechanical, digital and electrical components. These components must function optimally and many times, in proper conjunction with each other in order for the entire system to work as it should. If any one component breaks down, your entire system is at risk. Our skilled swimming pool equipment repair technicians can service the many different components your system relies on. We offer swimming pool equipment repair for:


  • Filters

  • Pumps

  • Motors

  • Heaters

  • Automatic Cleaners

  • Salt Systems

  • In-Floor Cleaning Systems

  • Pool Lights


We can get the parts you need quickly and many times, with much less expense than buying them yourself at retail pricing. We can even upgrade you to energy efficient products like Pentair's Intelliflo Pool Pump, which can help reduce your electricity bills during the already exorbitant summer months. We welcome you to contact us to learn more about our swimming pool equipment repair services.

after pic of a successful acid wash.jpg


A swimming pool acid wash removes heavily embedded stains from pools made of plaster or Pebble Tec. When performing a swimming pool acid wash, our technicians place a mixture of water and muriatic acid over the drained pool basin. The acid mixture gently removes a small layer of coating, which allows for a fresh layer to come to the surface. To perform a swimming pool acid wash, our technicians take the following steps:

  • The pool is drained completely (or already drained if tile cleaning has occurred)

  • The pool walls are wetted, then a water/acid mix is poured one section at a time

  • After approximately one minute, we use an acid brush to scrub the wall section

  • We scrub each section and then neutralize the remaining acid mixture with soda ash

  • The remaining mixture is safely removed from the pool and disposed of

  • We rinse the pool with fresh water, pump that water out, and refill the pool for your use​

A swimming pool acid wash is appropriate as long as the plaster or Pebble Tec coating is not already worn thin. Along these lines, this is a repair service you should not pursue annually, as doing so would actually shorten the lifespan of the coating. Instead, we recommend a swimming pool acid wash treatment every 3-5 years, or as individual usage dictates.

Green Pool Clean Up


As you must already know, neglected pools are a liability for homeowners for a multitude of health and safety reasons. By the time you need a green pool cleaning, the amount of algae and sludge that has built up in your pool will make it very difficult to remove without draining your dirty water and starting over, although some cases of pool neglect can be treated with chemicals and daily maintenance, more severe situations require a full-service green pool cleaning. In these cases, our green pool cleaning service includes:


  • Draining your pool completely

  • Removing all debris left behind once the pool is empty

  • Spraying the pool with a chlorine chemical bath to kill the algae

  • Refilling the pool with fresh, clean water

  • Starting the pump/filtration system and add all necessary chemicals

  • Maintaining chemical treatment until the pH is properly balanced


Once homeostasis has been restored and we deem your pool safe, you can begin enjoying it again. We cannot stress how serious the need for green pool cleaning is. This is why we make your green pool cleaning project a priority, in order to help get you and your family out of danger as quickly as possible.

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